This FTSE 100 share is my December Stock Pick

GSK - December's stock pick

Many stocks have fallen since covid-19 gripped the stock market, fortunately for the economy, the S&P index fund has recovered amazingly well. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t get enough of the ETF shares that represent the S&P 500 so I’m now looking at other places. The index has risen over 65% since the dip of 23 March 2020. If I had invested $10,000 back then, I could have $16,500 in my trading account. But there’s no point dwelling on the past because as we all know, it’s almost impossible to time the market.

GSK stock dividend history

Companies in the FTSE 100 have struggled to climb as quickly or strongly. I’m therefore looking at these companies to catch me some good bargains. GlaxoSmithKline has not reclaimed its highs since 17 January 2020. The GSK share price is currently down by almost 25%. The pharmaceutical giant is currently yielding well over 5% dividend returns and it has a pretty solid record of paying, although it hasn’t increased in recent years. GSK has always been on my evergreen list of shares ever since I read an article that 80% of the ISA millionaires have this in their portfolio. It trades at just over 11 times earnings.

Covid vaccine news

AstraZeneca is making it big in the headlines at the moment with its oxford vaccine breakthrough. In my opinion, this only means that Glaxo is not too far behind and in the meantime, we have the opportunity to make some profit on this stock. Which is my GSK will be my December stock pick. It represents a healthy margin of safety and encouraging fundamentals.

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  1. Bought Glaxo back in 2001, I’m still down well over 20% on my investment but the dividends have been constant and I’m holding onto the stock in my forever portfolio. Good things coming soon this year

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