8 Exciting jobs that involve driving for a living

Are you tired sitting behind that desk?

Do you feel your right foot twitching all day, imagining you’re behind the wheel pressing on the pedal?

Miss that wind in your hair and rumble of the pavement?

There are a ton …

Blogging vs. Vlogging which should you start with?

As always, the ultimate answer is that it depends. But don’t click away just yet.

I’ve got some pointers below that may have you reconsider your original option.

Should I start Vlogging?

What we’re talking about is a video-based blog. …

Evaluating a Company’s Solvency: Information Conveyed by Internal Liquidity Ratios

Financial ratios are much more than just a bunch of numbers that are thrown into a formula, taken for a spin, to spit out a random number. Quite the contrary, analysts use financial ratios to deduce meaningful relationships between certain …

Being a Smart Donor to Charity: Not All Charitable Donation Are Alike

Americans make many investments in their lives, including investments in the form of donations to charity. These investments are designed to help a charity successfully make progress toward a worthy cause. Americans gave a record $308 billion to charitable causes …