12 Things Successful People Do During Holidays

things successful people do

The fixed schedules, 9 -5’s and overtimes often take their toll on people; stress & exhaustion might come knocking. That is a point where you look forward to a vacation. It is a great time to take a break, recharge yourself, spend quality time with your loved ones and get involved in the things you wouldn’t ordinarily do.

Getting into a month-long lazy mode of life might be the easiest thing to do, but that is just squandering away a valuable opportunity for the brighter things in life.

So here’s our compilation of a few things that successful people do during their holidays, and we think you should give them a try:

1. Plan ahead

Successful people always plan ahead when they see a possible break. They understand that these opportunities are rare, and so use the time to plan for the future to give their goals some structure.

2. Categorise

Holidays are not meant to overwork and stress yourself out again but they are a chance to get through that separate “To Do List” you keep at home, so don’t procrastinate. Also, it is important to bring variety to the things you do. Stress and lack of choice in life are the two things you’re taking a break from in the first place! Smart people use their available time to attend different aspects in life.

3. Set up boundaries

The last thing they want during a break is keep getting distracted by office or business calls from co-workers and assistants. It is important to let others know about the vacation and set up a fixed time when you can be reached. They set up an ‘out of office’ email for this. 

4. Prior Organisation

It gets really difficult to focus on your holidays if you leave your work unorganised. They avoid the damaging anxiety of unfinished work at all cost during a break. They assign someone to take their place during their absence. This is a backup for emergency situations and keeps work moving back in the office.

5. Setting up limits

Not everything can be attended to during a holiday. They prioritise and have learned to say ‘No’ politely for the things that can wait. Successful people understand that holidays are the only times they can stop being a prisoner of their phones and social networks so try to make use of this rare opportunity.

6. Family and Friends

Home is where all holidays begin. This is a time to reconnect with family, friends and relationships that alienate due to our modern lifestyles. They also try to coincide their holidays with their loved ones.

7. Relax

Holidays are, afterall, a time to relax and re-energize.

8. Short getaways

These short quickly made plans are often things that remain in memories for a long time.

9. Workout and exercise

They understand that these are ideal times to replenish your body, for all the late nights and junk foods that have been a part of their success story.

10. Hobbies and passion

Music, sports, painting or anything else – that which they often have to leave behind for the workload they take during normal days. This is the time to go back and indulge in them once more.

11. Detachment from work

This was always the original idea behind taking the break and it is important to understand that. The last thing they would do is sit down with their unfinished office work during holidays and taint the essence of it.

12. Volunteer and social work

They understand the importance of being out of that brick and mortar box. Oneness with nature is a necessary calm for the tired soul.

The holidays can be the best time to help others in need. It is important to give back to the community and can also be a gateway to new experiences.

You can try some of these in the forthcoming holidays and make it a memorable one!

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