8 Books to riches from stock market investing

Whether you are a professional of finance looking to up your game or an investor who prefers to be more hands-on with your investments, I’ve got you the list of best stock market books. I’ve written about some of the best investing books from the industry professionals, and also the occasional beginner’s guides to get you started on the right track.

1] One up on wall street

 ‘One Up On Wall Street’ is written by Peter Lynch, one of America’s most famous fund managers and investors. In this book, the author explains how the average investor can become an expert in their field and perform at par with Wall Street experts, simply by performing their research. The book highlights the investment opportunities that are hidden in plain sight – he explains how anywhere from a shop to the workplace can provide the layperson with inspiration for stock market investments, including opportunities that financial professionals might not be aware of yet.

Lynch delves into his own outstanding achievements, including the steps he took to achieve an average annual return of 29.2% during his time managing Fidelity Investments Magellan fund.

2] Investment Biker

Jim Rogers’ explores the world of finance in a completely unique way. It follows the Wall Street legend , co-founder of the Quantum Fund – throughout his 22-month motorcycle travel through 52 countries. He analysed the market value of each nation to paint a picture of the state of the global economy.

It is a mix between travel writing and investment advice, the book has piqued the interest of motorcycle enthusiasts and market participants alike. For traders, the book supplies an interesting take on the future of international economies and gives advice on what opportunities can be explored in foreign markets.

3] When Genius Failed

This book displays the rise and fall of Long-Term Capital Management (LTCM) – it was found that it had more than $120 billion under management before it collapsed in 1998, showing a bailout by the Federal Reserve. The first part of this book focuses on the firm’s business model, which was developed by two winners of the Nobel prize in economics as well as PhDs from Harvard, and shows its early success in delivering returns of more than 40% between 1994 and 1998.

The second part, portrays its downfall as the models developed by the ‘geniuses’ fail to keep pace with those ever-changing markets.

4] Market Wizards

It’s about interviews of the world’s best known traders, in which they talk about what separates them from the others and tell the stories behind their biggest trading coups. These include the stories of a T-bond futures trader who turned $25,000 into $2 billion in a single day, and a hedge-fund manager who had averaged an annual growth rate of 30% for 21 years.

Actually, the book’s real value lies in the commonalities it reveals between the interviewees. These show that it’s not luck that determines success on the markets, but rather a solid methodology and the right mental attitude.

5] Trading in the Zone

By Mark Douglas, this is a guide to the attributes that traders need in order to become successful. It is the second book written by the late Mark Douglas, who explained investment professionals and individual traders to master their psychology.

This book teaches why traders are inconsistent and the ways in which the individuals can overcome the behaviours that lead to losses. Throughout Douglas’s book, traders will clear their own misconceptions, and discover the common dangers of trading and myths about how markets move. ‘Trading in the Zone’ provides readers with a variety of tools and techniques to have a control over their emotions and understand the chances of market movements. It does not replace technical and fundamental analysis, but is an excellent addition to any traders’ toolbox.

6] The Big Short

Inside the Doomsday Machine’ talks about the biggest housing bubble in history and the people who saw it coming. This book is written by Michael Lewis, the narrative revolves around a few main players who bet against the mortgage market and ended up Best Stock Market Books profiting from the financial crisis of 2007 to 2008. The book has been, for nearly 28 weeks, on The New York Times nonfiction bestseller list, was also shortlisted for the 2010 Financial Times and Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award, and was regarded to fame by the 2015 Hollywood docudrama of the same name.

Although it’s an entertaining tale, at its heart is about exploring ways of what it takes to be a successful trader. The book delves into the behaviour of a group of short-sellers Best Stock Market Books and tells why they choose to pursue their strategy. More importantly, it explores the intricacies of the financial system and the ways its weaknesses were exploited when no one else was paying heed.

7] Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets

This book is written by John J. Murphy. ‘Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets’ is also regarded as a bible for traders. It covers everything from basic concepts to advanced indicators, Best Stock Market Books and includes more than 400 charts in order to bring technical analysis to life. This book is the revised edition of Murphy’s earlier book, ‘Technical Analysis of the Futures Markets’ , which was cited in research papers by the Federal Reserve and also used in several training programmes by the Market Technicians Association.

8] The Intelligent Investor

Focuses on value investing – an investment approach developed by Benjamin Best Stock Market Books Graham at Columbia Business School during the 1920s. This trading book is so revered that even Warren Buffett said it was ‘by far the best book on investing ever written’. The approach of the book involves buying stocks that appear undervalued according to the fundamental analysis.

This for me is the bible of investing; I don’t where i’d be today without it. Benjamin Graham preaches the idea of buying a dollar for 40 or 60 cents until the true value of a company is a realised so you can sell it for a profit. His teachings have proven to make you successful at stock market investing.

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