Blogging vs. Vlogging which should you start with?

The main difference between is that blogging requires you to create written content that is uploaded to your own website, with a domain and a date stamp. While vlogging involves you standing in front of the camera to record content then share it with your viewers on video sharing site such as YouTube or Dailymotion.

As always, the ultimate answer is that it depends. But don’t click away just yet.

I’ve got some pointers below that may have you reconsider your original option.

Should I start Vlogging?

What we’re talking about is a video-based blog. When it comes to being comfortable in front of a camera, some of us are but many of us are not comfortable having to sit down and speak to a lens.

Let’s break it down like this: do you prefer reading or watching?

If you’re like most of the population we would rather watch a video than read an article

If you thought that filming yourself is the best path to branding yourself then we need to look closely at your intentions. Do you want to do a vlog because you want to be famous? Because if that’s if where you’re headed then there are far better ways of becoming famous by doing eating challenges or pulling a crazy publicity stunt. Starting a vlog is not going to get you the status that you want. It will only hinder your chances of success and this mindset will set you up for failure.

It’s also not going to be famous because you’ll be chasing the glamour before establishing yourself.

The next thing to understand is if are you a salesperson and you’re starting a vlog to be able to try to sell your ‘stuff’, it’s probably not going to be successful. People don’t want to hear a sales pitch all the time and there are enough ‘influencers’ selling their garbage as we speak.

On the other hand, let’s consider that your calling was to be a or a teacher or a tutor

For whatever reason, you enjoy teaching individuals about things that that you know about and you like researching about. You then deliver it to individuals over a Vlogging series.

This would be a sure-fire way to ensure that you can create great viewership. I would say you’d also need to sprinkle in a relatable personality and some spunk to give you a fighting chance at getting greater coverage.

There have been many times I sat there and watch the very dry video but the content was very good. But content creation and engagement is beyond the scope of this article.

Building an audience by telling stories

If you’re a storyteller or known for delivering stories – whether it be motivational, fictional – or you an entertainer at heart, Vlogging is probably going to be right up your street. This type of individual who when around their friends are happy to perform when asked “Hey Joe, can you play the piano? Can you play the guitar? Can you do this or that, or show us a magic trick”

Some key points if you’re deciding to do a vlog: you have to be consistent.

Even one video a week is not enough, I would say to make a real success out of this you need to be doing two to three videos per week.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you need all this lighting, microphones, speakers, backdrops etc… Just grab your phone and go to town and start doing your videos, simple as that.

If you do not fit into one of the Vlogging categories above I would strongly recommend you start a blog instead. The barriers to entry are lower with blogging too.

There are a plethora of sources available at your fingertips in the blogosphere to kick-start your journey. It’s much easier to wake up every morning and sit down with a post to write about than a video, in my opinion.

It is not to say that this is an easier approach though, it takes time, patience and skill to become an experienced blogger in this climate of web 2.0 dominance. Storytelling is a magical science that will propel your posts on social media. If you can capture a readers mind with a captivating story you’ll be in a position to create a sort of rapport with your visitors.

Relatable and current content is essential to your success as a blogger. What content are you producing to stay ahead of your peers?

How will you keep them on the site and make them return for future blog posts?

Further aspects of blogging you would need to focus on include: Search engine optimisation, Original photography and Research. Even with that said though, they can all come later. The most important aspect is getting your posts published and out there, to begin with.

Should I set up a Vlog or a Blog?

I hope I’ve been able to provide you with some things to think about before you choose a specific path. There is no hard and fast rule that states it must be blogging OR Vlogging. Over time, successful bloggers and Vloggers have turned their hands to multiple sources of attracting audiences from different platforms. Your journey that starts out with blogging can soon result in a YouTube channel and vlogs of your own – the ultimate answer is: You can do both!

Lastly, I’d like to point out that this blog was built using the same research as shown above. Blogging trumped to the top of the list when I analysed my attributes/skills hence why I chose this as a medium to inspire others.

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