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Behind Finance. This blog will, through my fascination and experiences in business, show you the driving force behind the world’s successful businesses and individuals. I have always wanted the opportunity to use a platform where I can drop my ideas and keep track of various aspects of my life. At first, I thought that I could use YouTube and make videos like all the other cool ‘Influencers’. But I’m not cut out for that, I’d feel too exposed and the lack of experience in front of a camera would only make me nervous; the element of being able to entertain people through a screen is something I’d struggle with.

Why a blog?

I do, however, believe that my life is interesting enough to write about, at least. I have my hand in many different ventures and it’s something I really want to share with as many people as possible. My main aim is to provide something of value to my readers; whether that be something entertaining to read in the evening or a business plan you can breakdown and execute as a side hustle.

 More importantly however, it would provide me with a blank canvas where I can drop my thoughts and ideas; somewhere I can document various decision processes that I go through and provide a narrative where necessary. It’s also a place I hope others can view and learn something from. But if not, you can laugh at my failures, that I hope to journal here. Another reason is that I want to improve my writing skills. What better way to do that than to, just write.


I’ll be honest and say that I have no idea if anyone other than myself will read or refer back to the blog. Its main purpose it to document my case studies, business plans and well, journeys. It’s the best way I can describe my possible future posts. There could be blog posts about business plans, recipes, stock investment picks, trading journals, my love for tech and maybe advice. My experience in so many different areas of life has equipped me with enough case studies to hopefully make a success of this little venture of mine. With that being said, if I could even change one person’s mind-set, I’ll be over the moon.

I don’t want to make any unrealistic expectations about how often I’ll be able to update the blog. I believe consistency is key and so once a week is what I’m committing myself to.

As a reader, you can essentially expect an insider’s look at the diary of an entrepreneur. Hope you all enjoy.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments about anything at all, chime in!

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