4 ways you can be the ultimate ideas person

Life is all about ideas worth spreading but many people think “I could never have an idea worth spreading” and things like “I’m not creative or artsy or a genius”.

The good news is anyone can have super ideas and the interesting thing is that many great ideas come when people do surprisingly simple things. Let’s look at four simple ways to have super ideas:

  1. Have a problem

Richard Branson once had a problem. He was stranded in the airport after his flight to Puerto Rico was cancelled. To solve the problem he got on the phone and called around for a chartered a plane. He then sold tickets to the other stranded passengers and actually ended up making a profit. The bulb then lit up in the entrepreneurs’ head. “I could start an airline” and the idea for Virgin Atlantic was born.

Sam Smith had a problem. He was really heartbroken after his lover left him. Then he thought well, to get over it I’ll write about. The light flickered and he went on and the idea for a song called stay with me was born – it went on to win four Grammy Awards and song of the year – so Sam went from very heartbroken to very happy and the idea solved his problem.

  • Listen

Ears are Wi-Fi for ideas Dr. Jean Carruthers was injecting a patient’s eyelids with Botox to stop them from getting muscle spasms. The patient asked why didn’t you inject my forehead? Jean said because you don’t have spasms there.

The patient said “I know but every time you inject my forehead I get this beautiful untroubled expression” Jean listened and she had the idea to use Botox to reduce brown lines and wrinkles. From that one comment a whole new Botox treatment came around that’s now used by millions and valuated at billions.

  • Look around

Richard Feynman was a physicist eating lunch in the Cornell University cafeteria. A student stood up and threw a plate across the room. Richard notices a plate spun and through the air and the medallion logo on the plate seemed to be spinning faster than the plate. He went away, got an idea, worked out the motion of the mass particles said looking in that plate was what won his Nobel Prize.

When I look at a plate now all I see his food, yet when he looks at plate, he wins the Nobel Prize!

When it comes to ideas EQ often wins over IQ as Marilyn Vos savant says, and she holds a Guinness record for highest IQ,

“To acquire knowledge one must study but to acquire wisdom one must observe”

Warren Buffett says I always believe my eyes rather than anything else.

  • Write down your ideas

This is biggest secret for super ideas. If you don’t, they’ll fly away never to return. Larry Page says when I was 23 I suddenly woke up thinking ‘what if we could download the whole web and just keep the links’ I grabbed the pen and started scribbling out the details and Google was born’. When a really great dream shows up, grab it.

So if you are dreaming of a great idea; forget about being artsy or creative or genius just be yourself do some really simple things and you too can have super ideas worth sharing.

Let me know in the comments section below, what ideas you come up with

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