What is IBM’s business model?

When people ask what does IBM do, the answer is as straightforward as it is dramatic. IBM helps solve the problems that keep CEOs awake at night. That could be a mining CEO in Australia who needs to increase revenue through optimizing their pit deport operations or an Energy CEO in New Zealand who needs to reduce the end cost of power to consumers. It could be a City Lord Mayor whose number one problem is the inefficiencies caused by traffic congestion.

IBM’s approach is always the same; surprising thinking followed by considered integrated execution. Not many companies think as profoundly, as broadly, or as collectively as IBM, and it’s unlikely anyone else follows through with the level of technical execution. That’s a direct result of the organization’s DNA:

  1. IBM’s consulting teams bring insights born of expertise.
  2. The software team infuses intelligence into clients’ operations then the systems and technology team provides relentless and unbreakable heavy lifting.
  3. The services team brings the coverage and scalability to ensure the job gets done and stays done.

You can see the evidence of this DNA in the thousands of patents IBM files every year. Their staff are awarded many Nobel prizes for their work. In addition, they invest billions of dollars in research and development to create inventions, develop innovations, and make acquisitions.

 However, the evidence is most clearly seen in the progress made by IBM’s clients and partners right around the world. Particularly in Australia and New Zealand, IBM is the right partner for leaders in this country. It has finally become an indisputable fact that no country is an island in a business sense.

 Business competitors come from all over the world, as do customers. The challenges Australia faces are global as indeed of the opportunities.

Management must make CEO decisions in response to factors that may well originate in overseas markets. That’s why IBM offers access to an incredible array of solutions; many of which have been developed and relentlessly refined in other global markets. Notably, many of IBM’s solutions undergo their development and refinement n Australia. In addition, the local arm of IBM has evolved the global DNA of the company to realize a vast organization of professionals, world-class research facilities, centers of excellence, and cutting-edge technical facilities. All of this exists in the service of one goal: to help solve the problems that keep CEOs in Australia and New Zealand awake at night.

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