12 Things Successful People Do During Holidays

things successful people do

The fixed schedules, 9 -5’s and overtimes often take their toll on people; stress & exhaustion might come knocking. That is a point where you look forward to a vacation. It is a great time to take a break, recharge …

7 Lessons I learned working in the recruitment sector as a ‘Consultant’

working in recruitment

I say ‘Consultant’ in quotation marks because the definition of a consultant, according to Google is: a person who provides expert advice professionally. But in my experience, recruitment consultants appear to provide very little professional advice.

A couple of years …

How I made 105% profit with Plus 500 shares

How I made 10% profit with Plus 500

As stocks began to soar throughout 2019, a record-breaking year for the market, I saw many of my friends and family flock to the stock market to make some extra money. Stock exchange and forex trading became common terms in …